Oh ya know.. just another beautiful wedding for the books. The wedding party thought it was a photo shoot so we nailed that. The bride & groom couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces if they tried, and the father of the bride speech left me sobbing. Literally, the DJ probably thought I was nuts.

C & T || September Wedding.


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Sometimes when I frequent the same venue numerous times I get a bit nervous. The images will look the same. Everything will seem to be the same. The feelings will be the same. Yet when you live in a small town … often, that is just how the corn grows. However, I am always proven […]

Miller Wedding || Summer Wedding 2019.


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Oh hey. It’s crazy busy ol’ me. Here with some real life updates for y’all. I went back and forth about five million three hundred times, but finally settled on the … ” Let’s share with the social media world” or more so let’s spread the word ( for those of you that don’t already […]

Real Life. || Kidney Donation


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