Knowing me I have probably said this like fifteen-thousand-two-hundred and one times… but I’ll say it again, watching couples like this just awaiting that arrival of their life changing precious babe reminds me of how amazing this life really is. How quickly EVERYTHING you know becomes foriegn to you and now you are walking a […]

Spring Maternity || May 2019.


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It’s here. 2019 has arrived. I don’t know about anybody else but every year a week or so before the New Year is to begin, I start thinking about what I can change. What’s next. What can I do to be the best version of me. ( Yes, the typical crap that everybody repeats every […]

Hello 2019. || January 2019.


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Whew. That was a whirlwind of fun. Another successful year of Mini’s whipped up. Hot Chocolate. Sweet Treats. Plenty of Candy Bribes & Cutie Pies walking in the door. Oh and the venue ended up being PER-FEC-TION. I’m Giddy. Venue || Waseca Floral GreenHouse Sweet Treats || Lush CakesĀ 

Green House Mini Sessions || November 2018


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Meet my future son in law. Ya, Ya … that is a bit much, but really … meet Augustine. A sweet, sweet little boy who has a special little spot in my heart. Everybody who knows me, or reads ANYTHING that I write, knows I am a sap. A true lover of life. Babies of […]

Augustine || May 2017


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