Meet my future son in law. Ya, Ya … that is a bit much, but really … meet Augustine. A sweet, sweet little boy who has a special little spot in my heart. Everybody who knows me, or reads ANYTHING that I write, knows I am a sap. A true lover of life. Babies of […]

Augustine || May 2017


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I knew this day was coming since last September. The day I found out my baby sister was expecting. Take a deep breath, this story has an extremely happy ending. You see, I was sitting in my car waiting for a surprise session. The kind that the groom planned without his bride knowing on their […]

Moriah || Maternity


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Holy cats this summer is flying by. I know that is the absolute most cliche saying in the world but hey, it’s the truth! In between baseball, swimming lessons, and mosquito swatting I have been enjoying every quick minute of it! As I am trying to figure out how to manage my time so it […]



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After opting out of the perfect temperature yet extremely bright Sunday we chose today, lovely beautiful Monday, to do a quick maternity shoot. Gotta love Minnesota, never know what you are going to get as I am pretty sure my weather man, yes that’s right I have my very own weather man, stated dropping temperatures […]

Baby it’s cold outside.


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