Alright Folks. I couldn’t wait any longer. Especially after revealing this project to my Fam Bam.

This house wasn’t just any house. This was the house I was raised in. Well one of them. This was the “main” house of my upbringing. So when my stepdad, otherwise referred to as Jor-B, & mother were ready to move I had this wild vision of being able to somewhat flip it, give it back a little of the love it gave me for oh so many years.
So the journey began.
We had visions of doing SO MUCH, and that changed, as to be expected … by the time we had finalized the purchase we were just about to September which meant harvest season & surgery time. We clearly didn’t want to get in over our heads.
Slowly but surely the project was going. We were FINALLY doing this.

I painted every square inch of this place, I thought I would complain about it or be over it, but in reality it was a therapy session for me. While painting, my music is blaring, thats obv. Each room. Each Wall. Each memory came flooding back in. Memories of pizza parties under the bunk bed with my uncle. Memories of sharing a bedroom the majority of the time I lived there with a brother whom my heart aches to see. Memories of sneaking out and totally getting BUSTED. So with all this being said, I’ll have you know, I shed tears & many laughs … like out loud belly laughs while I was all by myself painting away. It made me think of life. The sad parts, the fun parts. EVERYTHING.
Now before it officially hits the market I had to bring the original fam bam in to get their opinions, ideas, & clearly do a toast to growing up, growing older, & keeping all those memories we all hold so near & dear forever with us. It was bittersweet. I hope this home brings as much to the next family as it brought to us. So without further adieu I give you a little peek into our first ever fixer upper flipper house.



















First Time Fixer Uppers || January 2020.

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