Remi Jayne. A name that has forever changed my life. A name that came to me early in my pregnancy and never left. A name that will change the world.

Remi came to us on March 18, 2017 @ 4:49pm.

While posting this peek of how our world has changed, as usual I have tears streaming down my face. I just can’t beleive she is mine. She is OURS. As I keep telling her big brothers while they fight over who gets to kiss her next … “She is ours forever.” God has truly outdone himself this time.

The moments that God gives us seem to come and go so fast…. as the corny phrase that any and every mom I know says goes, it seems like just yesterday I was pregnant with my first, and in my case, my second, third, & now fourth. I often find myself staring at each of them in awe. Just look at them. They are absolutely perfect.

So before our first family outing to where else but the BEST place in the world … TARGET!! I figured why not get some use out of bribery and try to snap a handful of pictures in hopes to get one… with all of them somewhat coherent and happy. Little did I know these pictures would have me sobbing at the computer… dang emotional mess I always am. These moments will be forever burned in my heart. The love they have for her is overwhelming in every and any sense. To simply watch them adore her, kiss her, rub her hair, call her sweetie pie … guys, this is it… this is MY happily ever after.


Remi Jayne || 3.18.2017

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