So basically I was GUSHING over this super recent sesh. When I Gush. I have to share.

Auggie || Lifestyle Milestone Session.


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I just can’t with these two. Gabbi Jo’s rolls. Auggie’s hearty giggles ( and unwillingness to want to enjoy being the subject of a photo shoot ). Can we talk about those lashes for a hot minute? Pretty sure he was acting like his dad at this particular moment? Anyone?

Gabbi Jo & Gussy || Milestone Shoot.


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I won’t jibber jabber on like I have been. I actually wasn’t even going to post these on social media with the controversy over social distancing & no work, for what feels like FOREVER … well good thing this was a pro bono, me going to visit some friends & their handsome new little babe, […]

Henry || In Home Newborn


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I’ll admit. I have been negative for what feels like more days than I have been positive during all “this”. Which when I see in writing, pains me. Why do I have the right to be negative, about anything at this point? I have food, shelter, yes enough TP. The list of what I do […]

Groundhog’s Day Relived || Quarantine Shoot 2020


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It’s another Monday going down in the books for the quarantine of a lifetime. Over here breathing still and being busy, trying to find things to keep busy. So when Remi Jayne wanted to play some “Tea” … we decided to play with some teapots. After seeing her wonderful make-up application techniques we needed to […]

Time for Tea || Lifestyle Post 2020


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